Our Vision

History of civilization of man reveals that from time immemorial man has been living in societies. That is why it is said that man is a social animal.

According to study of society, i.e. Sociology, life of man is almost impossible without a society.

The structural and functional unit of a society is ‘family’. The life of a family starts when a man and a woman marry each other.

Thus, marriage is the integral part of a family and an essential institution of society.

Forpeace, tranquility and prosperity of society it is very necessary to make the institution of marriage as much successful as possible. Marriage becomes successful when the couple is wisely and properly matched. And, it is relatively difficult for a marriage to become successful if it is mis-matched i.e. not properly or wisely matched.

For example, if a groom is Phd. qualified and his bride has got just primary education or vice versa, the marriage is less likely to become a successful marriage.

It is, therefore, necessary to take utmost care at matching the couple at the time of engagement.

This website named Subh Shaadi Bandhan is a community-based website and it is designed and presented with the said vision i.e. to facilitate and serve the people, belonging to the Sindhi Hindu Community, at finding suitable and good matches for their boys/girls.