Our Mission

This matrimonial website is for the Hindu community, mainly and especially for the Sindhi Hindu community, scattered all over the world.

The marriage becomes successful when the couple is wisely and properly matched. In the past, this welfare job of matrimony was performed by the Pandits, Brahmans and social workers efficiently and successfully.

With the passage of time, population has grown manifold and life has become very fast. Secondly, by the introduction of very fast means of travelling and availability of the chances of better jobs/businesses abroad, the Sindhis have moved from their places of birth to the different corners of the world.

Due to this changed and rapidly changing scenario, it has become difficult for the concerned persons to perform this service oriented, noble and sacred job of matrimonial service. Consequently, the Sindhi Hindu Community scattered all over the world has been facing a great difficulty in this regard.

Keeping this difficulty in view, this website has been designed and presented to the Sindhi Hindu Community as a present and souvenir for its service.

It would not be out of place to mention here that the services provided through this website are absolutely free of cost.

This humble effort is just for service of the community.