About Us

This website, named Shubh Shaadi Bandhan, is designed for Hindu Community especially Sindhi Hindu Community for presenting matrimonial services.
This website is absolutely free of cost and nothing will be charged in the form of fee, donation etc. This is especially and exclusively for service of the community.
The Sindhi Hindus are scattered all over the world. Due to very fast life and less physical contact/proximity, the community is facing a great difficulty at finding a suitable match for a boy/girl.
This website has been designed in order to facilitate and serve the community.
If you are a Sindhi Hindu, finding a good match for you, your son/daughter or any other relative, this institution congratulates you as you have reached a right place.
Registration here at the website is of two types:
i. Registration of a boy/girl for finding a good match.
ii. Registration of a person wishing to be the Director/Adviser of Shubh Shaadi Bandhan.
i. Registration of a boy/girl for finding a good match:
Any boy/girl belonging to the Hindu community, especially Sindhi Hindu Community, living anywhere in the world, can get himself/herself registered at this website for finding a suitable match for him/her.
The close relatives such as father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, brother-in-law (Jeeju) or sister-in-law (Bhabhi) can register his/her relevant relative (i.e. son, brother, sister, nephew, niece etc.) for finding a suitable match for him/her.
iii. Registration for Director/Adviser of Shubh Shaadi Bandhan:
A person who:
a) belongs to Hindu community especially Sindhi Hindu community
b) is interested in service-oriented social work for the community, and
c) is good at social relations can get himself/herself registered as a Director/Adviser of Shubh Shaadi Bandhan.
The Director/Adviser has the privilege to give his valuable suggestions to lead this website to complete success.
The Director/Adviser can register a boy/girl known to him/her, though he/she is not his/her close relative, for finding a match for him/her. But, that registration will not be full and final registration. It will be like a temporary registration. 
This institution, Shubh Shaadi Bandhan, will confirm about the proposed person and request the relevant person to get registered or Shubh Shaadi Bandhan will transform the temporary registration to full and final registration after getting permission from the concerned person.
All registered persons can contact and communicate/chat with the Managing Director, Shubh Shaadi Bandhan, through their account at this website.
It is submitted, once again, that this matrimonial website, Shubh Shaadi Bandhan, is a service-oriented website and offers its services completely free of cost. No any cost in the form of fee, donation etc. etc. will be charged or accepted.
Let us make efforts together and pray together to make this service-oriented website a success.
The e-mail of Shubh Shaadi Bandhan is 
Your valuable support, suggestions and feedback will highly be appreciated.